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On 24th November 2015, the South Australian Government announced the first stage of the Bioenergy Roadmap for South Australia. Stage 2 of this Roadmap focuses on hot-spot areas and laying the groundwork for new bioenergy projects in South Australia. This led to the establishment by the State Government of the Bioenergy Roadmap Programs (BRP),a $150,000 initiative which provides assistance with pre-feasibility and feasibility funding as well as establishing a regional point of contact for mentoring and information sharing.

The Bioenergy Roadmap Program includes two components:

(1) Bioenergy Connect Program:

Successful applicants will have access to an approved bioenergy mentor for up to two days, to guide them through the conceptual stages of developing a project. The mentor will develop a high level estimation of the benefits of the bioenergy technology to the business, and therefore defining the value proposition for the applicant. This will be in the form of a pre-feasibility report.

It is expected that up to approximately 20 pre-feasibility studies across the state can be achieved with the available Bioenergy Connect funds.

(2) Bioenergy Feasibility Fund:

The Bioenergy Feasibility Fund provides financial assistance and may compliment the (above) Bioenergy Connect Program, contributing funds towards a detailed feasibility assessment for a bioenergy projects, on a ‘$’ for ‘$’ matched basis.

It is expected that up to approximately 5 feasibility studies across the state will be achieved with the available funds for the Bioenergy Feasibility Fund.

Regional Development Australia Limestone Coast (RDALC) administer the BRP on a statewide basis on behalf of the State Government.

To apply, please download the application form:

Bio Energy Connect Application Form

Program Guidelines


The Bioenergy Connect Program and Bioenergy Feasibility Fund are now fully committed. We still welcome expressions of interest as we explore whether further funding may become available. Should the funding situation change we will update this page and directly contact anyone who has put through an expression of interest. For further information please contact the Program Contact listed below.


(3) Program contact:

Dr Elizabeth Perkins

Manager, Investment Attraction and Infrastructure

(08) 8723 1057