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Scott Whicker

scott whickerScott Completed a Degree in Chemical Engineering with Honours at Adelaide University in 1984. From 1985-1988 he worked at Worsley Alumina WA as a Production Control Engineer.

Currently working for Kimberly-Clark Australia, he has done a variety of supervisory, technical, start-up and management roles including secondment to USA for 12 month assignment, 2 year assignment Sydney HQ Technical & Product Development Management and several leadership courses. In 2008 Scott became Mill Manager of the Millicent Mill.

Scott has plenty of Board experience as he is currently a board member for Group Training Employment, South Gambier FC Committee and of course, Regional Development Australia Limestone Coast. He has also been a past board member for the following boards: Forestworks, FSC, AFPA, SERDE and 5GTRFM