Business Assistance

Business Advisory Service

Regional Development Australia Limestone Coast (RDALC) offers a FREE advisory and client information service for those about to enter business or for those already in an existing business.

RDALC’s Manager Business and Workforce  Development provides a diverse range of information, advice, mentoring and support services to micro, small and medium sized businesses. This advice is designed to improve business management systems, processes, skills and decisions of businesses within the Limestone Coast.

Services provided include:

  • Business names and registration
  • Business plan development and review of existing business plans
  • Financial viability assessment
  • Understanding and developing cash flows
  • Training programmes including workshops and seminars on a variety of business related topics
  • Marketing strategies
  • Improving record keeping and financial control
  • Legal and statutory requirements
  • Seeking finance
  • Human Resource Management
  • Access to ATO information
  • Information on State and Federal Government programmes, service and grants
  • Licences and approvals required for all types of businesses
  • Legislative requirements
  • Referral service
  • Establishing clusters

The Manager Business and Workforce Development will also work with regional associations and industry groups to:

  • Facilitate the growth of regional industries
  • Collaborate with other interested parties to implement regional marketing initiatives
  • Assist in attracting potential investors into the region

Check out the Business Lounge for news events and resources, or contact our Manager Business and Workforce development for further information.