Paddock to Plate – How do your potatoes grow

May 31, 2016

Paddock to Plate – How do your potatoes grow?

Never under estimate the global love affair with potatoes. They’re versatile, they’re extremely healthy and they’re the number one vegetable crop in the world.

South Australia is a major producer of premium horticulture and recognised for its excellence in environmentally clean, safe and advanced agricultural production. Horticulture production generated $3 billion in revenue in 2014-15, with potatoes, citrus and almonds the largest of a vast range of fruit and vegetables produced in the State. South Australia’s fruit fry free and genetically modified free status is a key selling point to overseas export markets.

In 2015/2016 Regional Development Australia, in collaboration with Primary Industries and Regions SA and Potatoes SA produced a short film about how potatoes grow, from the paddock to the plate.

Potatoes are a key horticultural crop grown in the Limestone Coast Region. They are a cool season vegetable, which require a mild, frost free growing season, with regular rainfall or irrigation. South Australia is the largest producer of potatoes in the nation, with a value of $206M equating to 385,000T annually. The Limestone Coast produces 45% of these potatoes for the fresh, processing and seed sectors.

Watch the film Paddock to Plate – How do your potatoes grow? to find out more about this nutritious and versatile product.


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