Infrastructure Development

The Limestone Coast Region lies between capital cities of Adelaide and Melbourne, covering just over 21,000km2 in the south eastern area of South Australia. The area is made up of seven council areas totaling a population of 66,683 (ABS 2016). Gross regional product is estimated at $3.47 billion with around 7,000 local business present in the region. The region contains a broad range of industry sectors making for a robust and expanding business community. The economy capitalises on the region’s abundant natural resources and is built from traditional agriculture-based activities which have expanded to include forestry, manufacturing, tourism, engineering, transport, retail, health, education and service industries. As exporters the Limestone Coast region is renowned internationally for supplying dairy, world class wines, nutritious beef and lamb grown on lush green pastures, fresh clean seafood from the pristine oceans waters bordering the regions coast and for the prominence of its plantation forestry areas. With a diversity that is underpinned by a strong sense of community, the region provides an exceptional lifestyle and extensive economic growth opportunities. 

Challenges for the region are considered to be:

  • An ageing population
  • Changes to industry structure and workforce skill needs
  • Competing in global economy
  • Providing social infrastructure
  • Inadequate hard infrastructure

Key areas of needs are:

  • Infrastructure upgrades and development
  • Broader education and training options
  • Targeted education and training options
  • Access to skills and expertise
  • Development of regional leaders and entrepreneurs for the future

An Infrastructure Audit is being conducted in 2018 to provide a data driven body of work around the infrastructure needs of the region.