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Mentally Healthy Workplaces

Following on from our successful “Healthy and Productive Workplaces” -Where People and Business thrive! Roadshow in early August, the RDALC is keen to assist more businesses access the resources available to assist them implement Healthy Workplace Programs.

Mardi Webber is the Mentally Healthy Workplace consultant from Return to Work SA and is very keen to visit businesses in the region.

Below is the website and phone number:


Phone 131815.

Peter Hryhorec is the Healthy Workers Advisor from AIGROUP for the manufacturing/processing sector in South Australia and will also make another trip to do site visits. Peter has some great case studies on businesses he has worked with in the state which has not only had a positive wellbeing change, but contributed to a high performing culture and improvement to productivity and profits.

Below is the website with some case studies


Phone 08 83940039 for further information or to arrange a site visit and Health and Wellbeing assessment