Building for Our Future

The quality of a society’s infrastructure is critical to its economic performance and social capital. Building schools, hospitals and roads, protecting our environment and enhancing our cultural and sporting facilities are all part of planning and providing for the long term.

Sound investment in infrastructure can boost the productive potential of the economy and growth of exports through improved transport networks, communication infrastructure or facilities. The recent injection of funds for the airport upgrade, the racecourse redevelopment and the soon to be constructed sport and recreation centre in Mt Gambier are great assets to our regional economy.

This week Regional Development Australia Limestone Coast invited Mr Jeremy Conway, CEO of the newly established Infrastructure SA to present to the Board regarding the discussion paper on the 20-Year State Infrastructure Strategy. A new initiative of the State Liberal Government, Infrastructure SA was established in November 2018 under the Infrastructure SA Act 2018. The Infrastructure SA Board reports directly to the Premier and is an independent governing body combining expertise from public and private sectors.

In his presentation, Mr Conway spoke about the proposed Infrastructure Strategy. A first for South Australia the strategy will encapsulate the State’s challenges and opportunities, it will identify the infrastructure needs for industries, businesses and communities to thrive into the future.

Infrastructure SA recognise the importance regions play in our state’s economy and are keen to gather input into the future direction of investment into our infrastructure needs. The 20-Year strategy will enable the Government to plan and make decisions to ensure that South Australia has the infrastructure required to grow the economy, create jobs and improve the liveability of all South Australians.

The Discussion Paper provides an overview of the purpose of the Strategy, its relationship to other relevant government initiatives and strategies, details a South Australian context to future global challenges and opportunities, and introduces potential cross-sectoral issues and specific sector considerations.

Importantly the Discussion Paper provides an opportunity for local stakeholders to provide insights and perspectives about the most pressing infrastructure needs in the Limestone Coast such as road upgrades and bridge and drainage network maintenance.

As a leader in regional infrastructure and investment attraction, RDALC will continue to collaborate closely with Infrastructure SA along with other government departments to ensure the Limestone Coast gets the investment and support it needs.

RDALC encourages businesses and community groups to submit their perspective’s on our regions infrastructure requirements via the discussion paper before July 31 to Infrastructure SA. For further information visit