Peter Gandolfi Appointed RDALC Chair


Wattle Range Mayor, Peter Gandolfi, has been named the new Chair of Regional Development Australia Limestone Coast (RDALC). The key appointment follows an extensive consultation process, with the Federal Minister for Regional Development, Territories and Local Government, John McVeigh, saying Mr Gandolfi will bring valuable experience and knowledge to the role.

“I welcome the appointment of Mr Peter Gandolfi as Chair of RDA Limestone Coast,” said the Minister.  “Mr Gandolfi’s demonstrated commitment to the local area, small business experience and acquired knowledge through his work in both Local and Federal Government makes him the perfect candidate to lead RDA Limestone Coast.

“RDAs are key contributors to regional economic development. RDA committees are highly valued facilitators of initiatives that grow local economies, promote opportunities and attract investment; this in turn provides confidence to regional areas.

“In addition, I would like to thank the 500-plus volunteer board members that serve on our 52 RDA committees across Australia for their ongoing support.”

 Mr Gandolfi today described the opportunity to play a pivotal role in the region’s future economic development as “both challenging and exciting”.

“I see it as a very important role; it is crucial that we build strong and confident regional economies in order to strengthen our communities,” he said. “I’m looking forward to working with both private enterprise and local, state and federal governments to address critical issues, identify opportunities and facilitate initiatives – for example, there is considerable scope to value-add to primary production within the Limestone Coast, attract investment into vital infrastructure and increase tourism potential, so these are really exciting times.”

Mr Gandolfi has a long working association with the Limestone Coast region after serving as Mayor of Wattle Range Council since 2010. An active board member of the Limestone Coast Local Government Association and a small business owner for more than 13 years, he also spent eight years working as a ministerial advisor for territory, state and federal governments.

Mr Gandolfi takes over from Alan Richardson, who has been acting Chair of RDALC since February last year. RDALC chief executive officer, David Wheaton, praised Mr Richardson for his willingness to step into the vacant role: “Alan Richardson’s dedication and leadership has helped to put RDALC in a solid, constructive position as we enter this exciting next chapter,” Mr Wheaton said.

Alan Richardson will remain with RDALC as a board member, and said he looks forward to working with the new Chair to drive further development in the region: “Given Peter’s great experience in leadership and local government and his strong small business background, he should be an excellent chair for RDALC,” Mr Richardson said.

Regional Development Australia consists of a national network of 52 committees designed to strongly focus on regional economic development and facilitate local projects that aim to make a difference in their local communities. RDALC’s role is to promote economic development in the region by attracting investment, supporting local businesses to grow and develop, linking businesses and community organisations with government grants and programs, creating jobs and encouraging prosperity for the region.

For further Information contact:-

Mr Peter Gandolfi: 0419 155 447

Mr David Wheaton:  0417 885 920


Date:26th April 2018