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Bioenergy Seminar 2018

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The 2018 Bioenergy Seminar waas held on 6 December at the Mt Gambier City Hall. With over 60 guests and 7 speakers the day was a-buzz with conversation and opportunity for the future of bioenergy in our region. 

Presentations from the key speakers can be found here:

Mark Glover:

Mark Glover from EcoWaste and Renewed Carbon presented on the economic benefits of regions entering the emerging bioeconomy. Marks discussion was around large scale biomass projects occurring in other regions and what opportunities might look like for our region.

Mark’s Presentation

Peter Burgess: 

For several years, businesses across the region have been exploring bioenergy as a solution to their energy costs.  From anaerobic digestion, pyrolysis, or gasification of wood residue, local businesses have been engaging with bioenergy technology to solve their energy needs – and save money! One such example is the use of the ECHO2 technology at Holla-Fresh in partnership with Bio Gro and Rainbow Bee Eater. Peter Burgess from Rainbow Bee Eater is a strong advocate for using safe, efficient and clean 21st century technologies for the sustainable production of renewable energy from biomass residues (that are currently burnt or landfilled). Peter presented on the use of the ECHO2 technology at Holla-Fresh and the social, economic and environmental gains from this technology. 

Peter’s Presentation

Mary Lewitzka:

Mary is responsible for high level data collection, analysis and management for the Australian Biomass for Bioenergy Assessment (ABBA) project. This project aims to achieve investment in the renewable energy sector through the provision of detailed information about biomass resources across Australia. Mary also advocates for and supports initiatives and potential bioenergy projects both in South Australia and nationally. Mary also spoke at the seminar around grant and funding support available for projects around biomass. 

Mary’s Presentation

Rachel Brdanovic:

Reducing energy consumption starts with understanding how you use it. By analysing your current energy consumption and site operations, you can identify fluctuating requirements, predict future demands, and recommend relevant and achievable energy solutions. Rachel Brdanovic gave participants the perfect opportunity to work on how to go about understanding their energy requirements and usage.

Rachel’s Presentation

Get involved in the conversation and future direction of a Biomass Hub for our region:

The idea of a regional Biohub has been discussed at a high level for quite some time across the region. With much interest on the day, these discussions will continue via the RDALC Bioenergy Committee. Are you interested in being involved? Head on over to our Bioenergy Connect page here:

Bioenergy Connect


Are CCA Posts a problem for you? Or do you see the potential? 

How do we find value in our waste?  CCA posts are widely used across the region and are potentially a biomass opportunity.  The solutions to this problem may sit within the region.  If you’d like to register your interest to further this discussion, please contact Dr Elizabeth Perkins on (08) 8723 1057. 


This event was proudly supported by the Government of South Australia, Department for Energy and Mining.