The Environment

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As our climate changes, impacts will be experienced by our communities, natural ecosystems, business and industries.

Despite increased global action to manage and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, we know that we are already on a trajectory which means that some form of adaptation will still be required if the Limestone Coast is to remain a desirable, vibrant, productive and prosperous place to live, work and visit.

These impacts will present challenges for our Region as well as opportunities. To ensure we are well positioned to meet these challenges and take advantage of any opportunities that may be presented we want to be proactive and work together. This Limestone Coast Regional Climate Change Adaptation Plan (the Regional Adaptation Plan) provides the foundation for this collaboration and identifies priorities for adaptation action across our Region.

The Limestone Coast Regional Climate Change Adaptation Plan project is a collaboration between Regional Development Australia (RDA) Limestone Coast, the Limestone Coast Local Government Association (LCLGA) and the South East Natural Resources Management (SENRM) Board and the stakeholders and communities that live, work and visit the Limestone Coast Region to actively plan for changes in climate.

Download the Limestone Coast Regional Climate Change Adaptation Plan