The Limestone Coast

The Limestone Coast is an area of over 21,000 square kilometres containing a very diverse range of industry sectors which makes for a robust and expanding business community. The economy capitalises on the region’s significant groundwater resources. It is built from traditional agriculture based activities, but has now expanded to include forestry, manufacturing, tourism, engineering, transport, retail, health, education and service industries.

It is largely characterised by fertile soils, reliable rainfall and significant groundwater resources. The region provides excellent grazing for livestock and productive conditions for cropping viticulture, forestry and dairy production.

The region has significant opportunities for expansion in agriculture, forestry and fishing, manufacturing, grains, hay and silage, vegetables and wine and in particular red meat production, dairy and horticulture.

As exporters the Limestone Coast region is renowned internationally for supplying dairy, world class wines, nutritious beef and lamb grown on lush green pastures, fresh clean seafood from the pristine oceans waters bordering the regions coast and the prominence of its plantation forestry areas.