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Workforce Development

The RDALC is committed to connecting industry with a suitably skilled workforce and upskilling existing workers to grow our business and industries contributing to a vibrant regional economy.

The RDALC aims to achieve this by:

  • Improve the efficiency and professionalism of the workforce in the region.
  • Enable unemployed or underemployed people in the region to gain additional hours of .employment, and
  • Grow the size of the Limestone Coast workforce.

The RDALC assists through the delivery of two key programs:


In partnership with the State Government Department of State Development, RDALC facilitates areas of the WorkReady Program.

The WorkRoady Program brings together government subsidised training, employment and skills initiatives and investment. It has been designed to improve training completion rates and employment by supporting a skilled capable workforce to fill current and emerging jobs in priority areas.

WorkReady supports direct connections between training and jobs at the local level and connects people to the training and employment activity best suited to them over a working lifetime.

RDALC brokers this through bringing together organisations, building partnerships and initiating projects that:

  • Bring together our stakeholders including local employers, indsutry, RTOs and service organisations to facilitate the development of partnership projects.
  • Assist project proponents to design skills and employment projects that meet the needs of employers and job seekers.
  • Work with project proponents to include Aboriginal people, mature aged people, people with a disability and young people.
  • Contribute to improved Workforce planning and understanding of future workforce requirements.
  • Encouraging industry school partnerships and improved youth career pathways to employment.