Workforce Development

electrician working

The RDALC is committed to connecting industry with a suitably skilled workforce and upskilling existing workers to grow our business and industries contributing to a vibrant regional economy.

The RDALC aims to achieve this by:

  • Improve the efficiency and professionalism of the workforce in the region.
  • Enable unemployed or underemployed people in the region to gain additional hours of .employment, and
  • Grow the size of the Limestone Coast workforce.

Start the Conversation – linking skilled workers to the Limestone Coast

Every year the South Australian Government assists in bringing thousands of skilled workers to the State under the skilled visa program.  These skilled migrants have been nominated by the state of South Australia as they have been identified as persons that have skills and qualifications that match our in-demand occupations.  At RDALC we want to start your conversation with work-ready skilled employees that want to make the Limestone Coast their home.

Currently looking for roles in the Limestone Coast are people in the following skilled occupations;

  • Electrician
  • IT Project Management
  • Dentist
  • Teacher
  • Accountant
  • Pharmacist

These skilled migrants hold visas (either permanent or provisional) for Australia with full work rights and therefore your business is not required to sponsor them.  These visa holders have undergone a range of assessments as a part of their visa application, which includes skills assessments, English language proficiency, health and character checking. 

If you are interested in contacting skilled migrants in the above occupations, please send your vacancy details to RDALC will then send your vacancy information onto the skilled migrant and ask them to contact you with their CV and personal details. 

Please note: RDALC are not vetting the potential candidates or arranging interviews.  Our role is simply to connect employers with potential employees, for you to begin the conversation and find out if they have the skills your business needs. We hope that this conversation is the first of many.

If you are currently having difficulties filling a vacancy for an occupation not listed above, you can submit an online enquiry with Immigration SA at . By registering and creating an account you can submit an enquiry as a ‘South Australian Employer’, the team at Immigration SA can then check to see if a skilled migrant with your required skill-set is here in South Australia and is looking to make the Limestone Coast their home.

If you are interested in finding out more about other visa options for meeting your workforce demands, please contact

If you have any questions about the skilled migrant’s visa conditions or work rights, you can contact Immigration SA at